Elevated Deck Systems: An Expert in Roof Deck Installations

There are many types of roof systems available in the market. These days, for lower slope roofing, roof membranes with reflective single-layer and roof insulations with high-thermal characteristic become more popular. Other than that, more than 50% of lower slope roofing involves renovation or replacement. Thus, it is easy to lose information about roof and the structure. Handling roof work can be quite a hassle. The most important thing of roof systems is roof deck and as long as the building manager understand roof deck system comprehensively, then, working with roof work should not be as hard as it may seems.

A structural deck of a building should fulfill several requirements, such as its ability to resist lateral loading and gravity loads from seismic and wind forces. Other requirements, such as fire resistance, deflection resistance, surface characteristic component anchorage technique, and dimensional stability, should also be considered. These considerations usually have been handled by the manager during planning. However, the manager should also consider future condition that may change, such as roof membranes’ type, occupancy’s conditions, corrosion of the deck and fasteners, high interior humidity, and many more. Some of the commonly used roof decks are:

  • Thermoset, compacted with asphalts fills
  • Steel, cold-rolled sections and light gauge
  • Cementitious wood fiber
  • Wood sheathing, OSB, plywood, or sawed lumber
  • Gypsum, pre-cast or mix-in-place

So, where to find an expert for roof deck installation? Elevated Deck Systems can be your answer. This company is an expert in providing components of pre-assembled elevated decking for residential and commercial applications. This company supply paver or pedestal components for setting up over sloped or unleveled surfaces that need drainage and level surfaces with invisible drains. It can apply on pool decks, water features patio areas, and pedestrian walkways. Before using their services, you can contact them via website, phone, or e-mail them to discuss about your needs.