Benefits of Infrared Inspection

Large pieces of equipment with electrical and mechanical systems are known to fail gradually as parts begin to wear and no longer meet the strict variances which are acceptable. When these machines fail, there is a stoppage of production or function which can cause a domino effect of stoppages and failures in a production environment. The end result is loss of revenue for someone. The solution for many of these issues can be conducting a regularly scheduled electrical infrared inspection.

Before an electrical devise fails it begins to generate extreme heat. This increase in heat can be detected through electrical infrared inspection and can alert the maintenance team to an issue before it becomes a failure. This can turn a simple repair into a catastrophic failure which results in long down time and greater expense to fix or repair the mechanical devise. In addition to reducing the cost of the repair, the inspection can substantially reduce the risk of a fire, increase the safety of the area and the staff working near the equipment and increase energy efficiency.

Using electrical infrared inspection is a much faster means of detecting issues than having to disassemble and visually inspect equipment and will save a great deal of maintenance time. Documenting the inspections and the results can also reduce insurance premiums on large equipment. But the greatest savings will come in the form of reduced downtime of equipment and more efficient production when the equipment is in use. Having a means of noninvasive inspection is a great tool for all maintenance personnel and will provide a more save work environment for all employees. In addition to the on-site benefits, detailed reports and records can be created using accompanying software. This is an additional time saving feature but also one that allows for more detailed record keeping and more efficient management of the maintenance program.